Friday, January 14, 2011

Maryland set its sights on same-sex marriage

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Same-sex marriage
Same-sex marriage

And that queer train keeps on rollin’:

Washington (CNN) -- Maryland is poised to become the sixth state to recognize same-sex marriage as proponents say they believe they have enough support to pass such a measure in the upcoming legislative session.

The expansion of gay rights appears to have gained significant traction as Maryland's General Assembly begins its 90-day session Wednesday. Not only are Democrats optimistic about their chances of approving same-sex marriage, but a leading Republican, sensing momentum on the issue, has instead countered with a proposal to grant civil unions to gay couples.

Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley has publicly stated that he would sign a marriage bill into law. Maryland then would join Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington, D.C., in sanctioning same-sex marriages.

Maryland has been inching toward granting greater rights and protections for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Last year Democratic state Attorney General Doug Gansler offered a legal opinion recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions.

Who knows; maybe once all the states (or at least, a majority of them) have embraced marriage equality for LGBT people, maybe then it will be recognized at the federal level, too. It’s a certain eventuality at this point, if a frustratingly distant one.

(via @todayspolitics)