Monday, January 17, 2011

Fail Quote Tweet of the Day: Conservative MEP on sex change and gay “conversion therapy”

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From conservative MEP (Member of the European Parliament) for the East Midlands of England Roger Helmer:

Tweet by Roger Helmer (@RogerHelmerMEP): “Why is it OK for a surgeon to perform a sex-change operation, but not OK for a psychiatrist to try to ‘turn’ a consenting homosexual?” [screenshot taken 01/17/11 4:15 PM]

Well, it might have something to do with the fact that gay “conversion therapy” is complete and utter bullshit intended to guilt and brainwash vulnerable and conflicted people into thinking that they can just pray teh ghey away. Y’know, just maybe.

The offending tweet understandably caused a minor shitstorm, retweeted 98 times at the time of writing this, and Helmer saw fit to address his mini-scandal:

Amazed by virulent response to my tweet. Regret any offence caused - but none should have been.

… and promptly shoved his foot down past his glottis.

At least it’s good to know it’s not just North American conservatives who are prone to gay-smearing simple-mindedness.

(via @PetiPup)