Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vox Day reacts to the DADT repeal

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USA the Militarized
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Contrary to my expectations, my favorite target’s, Vox Day, reaction to yesterday’s landmark Senate decision to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was actually quite sane and even mostly reasonable, in contrast with his previous hysterics over other pro-LGBT rulings. There isn’t all that much of interest in his relatively short piece, save for two bits I thought were worth dissecting:

The repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, which effectively permits the many closeted homosexuals in the U.S. armed forces to openly exhibit their abnormal preferences and presumably to act upon them, is therefore likely to prove less salutary to American military efficiency and effectiveness. While it is true that other Western militaries have eliminated their bans on homosexuals, it is also worth noting that none of them are presently capable of successfully invading Jerry Jones's new stadium even if it were defended only by the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

First of all, just as with so many other cranks, Vox seems to believe that allowing homosexual servicepeople to finally stop hiding their sexual orientation is apparently equal to letting them organize gay pride marches through the barracks and hit on anything that moves that has matching genitalia, or something. This is just idiotic. Straight troops certainly aren’t allowed to create sexually charged displays or disturbances within the ranks (and those who do are typically punished swiftly and harshly, as they should be). Why do DADT advocates act as though this would be in any way different for gay and lesbian troops?

And second, I really have to snicker every time some pro-DADT crank implies that the reason why other countries who allow both straight and gay servicepeople to serve openly don’t have militaries as formidable as the United States’ may in fact be due to their lack of a gay ban. Such thinking only appears logical if you coincidentally disregard the facts that the US Military A) is the best-funded on the planet (by a truly absurd margin), B) has a larger number of troops than nearly everyone else, and C) possesses all the latest in equipment and armaments, amongst other contributing factors. None of these have anything to do with the presence (or lack thereof) of gay troops and whether or not they’re allowed to serve openly. The idea that the US is only made better because gays aren’t allowed (which is contradicted by the fact that there are already tens of thousands of gay troops serving at the very least) is downright moronic.

Finally, it’s also amusing to see Americans continually brandish their oversized military dick and claim they’re the best and no-one else could ever match up and that they’d totally wipe the floor with their faces if they even tried. To put it simply: If Deadliest Warrior has taught us anything (and I do consider it to be a relatively reliable indicator in this case), American troops aren’t that better trained than their foreign equivalents and that in any given conflict between opposing forces of equal size, they would quite easily find themselves evenly matched, if not overpowered (such as by the Spetsnaz).