Friday, December 17, 2010

Google says this blog is for intermediate readers primarily

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Jen at Blag Hag has uncovered an interesting new feature of Google Search’s: Under “Advanced search”, you can now choose to filter your search results by the reading level of their content. Wonder what rating Preliator would receive …?

Google Search’s Reading level score for Preliator pro Causa: Basic = 36% / Intermediate = 63% / Advanced = 0%
[Taken: 12/17/10 4:40 PM]

Wait – “Advanced” is at 0%? Travesty! Iniquity! Opprobrium!

(Score gone up yet?)

Oh well. At least I’m doing fairly better than Jen is. My virtual pen is even superior to PZ’s! So I can – and shall! – brag about that. High school dropout, away!

Oh, come on, lemme have my moment of fun.