Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Even most Republicans don’t want Palin for President

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Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

Well, this is interesting. It looks like even a majority of GOPers wouldn’t give Sarah Palin the chance to quit a presidency mid-term to launch some sort of self-aggrandizing platform or other. From

A new CNN poll finds that support for a Sarah Palin presidential bid among Republicans has dropped from 67 percent in December 2008 to just 49 percent this month.

This is the question to which 49 percent of Republians answered "very likely" or "somewhat likely" when Palin was named […]

This is obviously related to the fact that more and more conservative pundits and politicians are starting to admit that the political failure who made John McCain look like a idiot in 2008 (and this was before he lapsed into far-right crankery) and has continually shown herself to be categorically, even hilariously, unfit for any sort of political office just might be a bad pick for the GOP’s future after all. Which is a bit of a shame; I personally hoped she would garner all their support and be promoted to ever-greater levels of prominence, just for the beautiful moment that would offer us all when she (and, by extension, the Republican Party) was inevitably crushed in 2012 – ideally by President Obama. If there’s any better sort of a simultaneous symbolic and literal victory, I don’t know it.

(via Right Wing Watch)