Friday, December 31, 2010

Enter the MMXI: A brief retrospective

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Happy New Year 2011

And so another year has arrived, outstayed its welcome and is finally being ushered out the door into the wintry cold beyond. For me, 2010 carried no unusual significance; the most that changed was that I’m now living with my mother again, something that hadn’t been true for … I don’t even know how long. Ever since my parents broke up and she moved out. Four years? Maybe five? Anyway, it doesn’t matter.

My life has certainly improved in both leaps and tiny steps, depending how you look at it. I’m now financially secure (or close to) and my timetable is slowly but surely being developed. I’m especially excited about starting equitation lessons (that’s horseback riding for you non-equine-lovers), even if they only start in mid-January. (Thursday the 14 can not come fast enough.)

Normally, I’d follow along the bandwagon (hey, nothing wrong with that) and put up an end-of-the-year “Top 10 Posts” or some such, but much to my irritation, it seems that when I finally converted to Disqus last August, I’d forgotten to reinstate Google Analytics’s tracking code in the blog template, which I had been forced to replace with a backup version that somehow didn’t include it. Which means that I only recently found out, when I went to check out the cumulative blog stats for the past year a couple of days ago, that the stats for nearly half the year hadn’t been tallied.

I grumbled a little bit.

So, there will be no “top posts” feature for 2010. But no matter; the stats are now being recorded dutifully, and barring any further mishaps, I’ll be able to make one such post for the end of 2011. At any rate, here’s that obligatory boilerplate blog post wishing all my readers a joyous holiday season filled with friends, family, good food and lots of materialism-induced flailing, and of course, a happy new year.

Feel free to share your thoughts, wishes and doomed new year’s resolutions in the comments; consider this an open thread.