Thursday, December 30, 2010

Deciding whether or not to debate a Christian (or anyone)

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Whenever you find yourself in company of someone who wishes to talk to you about conflicting ideas and beliefs, especially when it comes to matters of science vs. religion, this is the guide you ought to adopt:

Flowchart: “‘Debating A Christian’: Our Discussion” from

That’s exactly how I’ve been operating for a long time, now. I’m often amused when people I follow on Twitter (namely skeptics and atheists) get embroiled in pointless and irritating exchanges with various types of kooks and cranks, be they Creationists, antivaxxers, global warming denialists, and so on. If even a cursory glance at a person’s attitude and past remarks indicates they aren’t worthy or capable of holding an honest discussion, then there is really no point in even acknowledging them. Whether you call it severity or self-preservation, it works.

(via Pharyngula)