Thursday, December 16, 2010

A crocodilian’s shocking encounter with an eel

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Edit: (12/20/10 2:05 AM) – Replaced the deleted YT video with a new one.

What happens when a crocodile/caiman/whichever tries to steal an electric eel from a fisherman? Well, what you would expect, only cooler (in a morbid sort of way):

I’ve heard that someone people actually got angry at the fisherman for his apparent role in the reptile’s supposed death (though the croc’s sudden movements at the very end of the video suggests he comes out alive, if not exactly unhurt). I see no reason to see it that way; by all accounts (including the man’s own retelling of the story), he had no idea the stupid ambulant pair of jaws would try to take a bite out of a deadly creature once he’d hooked it. This is just an interesting video, and perhaps a cautionary tale: Stay the hell away from those things. (Both of ’em.)

(via The Agitator)