Friday, December 31, 2010

Another poll reveals most Americans do want healthcare reform

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Healthcare Reform

It has long-since become conservatives’ favorite and primary argument in their zeal to overturn the recently passed healthcare reform law: that a majority of Americans don’t want it. Of course, anyone who asks people from outside of conservative circles will quickly be informed that, in fact, a clear majority of US citizens do want the changes the law is said to implement. And what’s more, if the polls indicate that a majority seems to oppose it, that’s only because a decent fraction of the opposition believe it wasn’t progressive enough.

Here’s just the latest poll [PDF, 256 KB] from CNN, dating from December 27:

Generally favor or oppose healthcare reform (as of Dec. 17-19, 2010): Favor = 43% / Oppose = 54% / No opinion = 3%

So 54% say ‘no’ to healthcare reform. But, that is only true if you, like virtually all conservatives and Republicans, neglect to actually look at the reasons why the majority of Americans seem to be against healthcare reform:

Why oppose (as of Dec. 17-19, 2010): Too liberal = 37% / Not liberal enough = 13% / No opinion = 7%

That’s a full 13% of the opposition who would actually like to see a stronger reform. If you count them as proponents of healthcare reform (if not of the law as it currently stands), that adds up to 56-41% in favor of healthcare reform.

So, as usual, contrary to what conservatives claim, most people once again do not align with their self-serving opposition to a timely and desperately needed overhaul of the floundering US healthcare system. Gee, ain’t that a surprise?

The poll report goes into further detail examining which groups of people are for the law and which are against it, distinguishing between ethnicity, salary, socio-political leaning, and more. As expected, the stereotype of opponents being chiefly wealthy White Republicans proves to be accurate. What else can one expect of self-serving vultures?

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