Friday, November 26, 2010

Respect and Obey Authority – when deserved

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Hemant says he was able to sit through the whole thing. I only made it to about two minutes in before I feared my brain’s health was in serious risk and closed this egregious video. I almost can’t tell if this is supposed to be a parody … but considering how it’s made by something called “Breed Ministries” that classifies itself as Christian pop, I fear they mean every word.

Granted, I take pride in nonconformity (so long as no-one is physically or morally harmed), and I deplore anything that essentially amounts to “respect mah authoritah!” propaganda for feet-licking rule-abiding. Yet, I do recognize the need for at least a modicum of respect for and adherence to authority and laws (as flawed as they may be). But seriously, just watch that video (assuming you haven’t already) and tell me that ought to be taken seriously.

The truth is that while there needs to be some amount of following orders, respect for authority is not something inherent, automatic and universal. It must be earned. The person who claims authority must demonstrate, through their words and actions, that they know what they’re doing and have people’s best interests at heart, before others are willing to place their loyalty in their hands. This, of course, is exactly why respect for politicians, police and the likes has been dwindling away for years: People are becoming increasingly aware how full of crap so many of them are. This is made exceptionally clear in cases where moralists or religionists are placed in charge of educative curricula: If responsible teachers (and cleverer-than-average students) don’t teach others to break the mold and think for themselves, despite what the con-artists and fools tell them, then all is lost.

(via Friendly Atheist)