Sunday, October 03, 2010

Weird, gory pro-eco-friendly video: Funny or disturbing?

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10:10 campaign logo
10:10 campaign logo

There are any number of ways one can push their pro-environment philosophy and encourage others to take action and reduce their toll on the planet. This film, No Pressure by English filmmaker Richard Curtis for the 10:10 campaign, seems to strike precisely the wrong chord in using lots of gratuitous gore in what was obviously intended to be a comical short and instead caused a (not-so-undeserved) wave of controversy. [video below the fold | Content Warning: Blood & gore; probably NSFW]

Personally, I am far from disturbed at something like this (you see worse than this in virtually every new action or horror flick released), but I didn’t find it the least bit amusing. Maybe it’s that quirky British humor thing that I haven’t yet mastered. Or maybe it really is just too … crude.

What do you think? Funny and irreverent, or just in plain bad taste?

In the end, though, it’s probably worth making videos like this just to laugh at the predictably insane, almost hysterical sort of reactions we get from the usual cranks.

(via Vox Popoli)