Wednesday, October 13, 2010

“It gets better”: Forth Worth councilman Joel Burns’ story

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Fort Worth councilman Joel Burns
Joel Burns

It’s not often I’m genuinely moved by testimonials, even accounts that seem to drive others to tears (blame the Internet), but this video was one of those rare moments that gave me more than a few twinges on the ol’ heartstrings. Giving more exposure to Dan Savage’s magnificent (and badly needed) It Gets Better Project, especially in light of the horrifying (and increasing) numbers of LGBT teens who kill themselves, here’s Forth Worth, TX council member Joel Burns sharing his own personal story right there during council meeting. I can safely say that if you aren’t the slightest bit moved by this video, you are either an Internet robot or a truly soulless wretch with whom I want absolutely nothing to do. [Video below the fold.]

The standing ovation at the end was an especially nice touch. A very great kudos to this brave man for sharing such an intimate and painful story in such an open forum, hopefully extending his message of hope to the countless LGBT youths across the country, and even the world, who so direly need to hear it. I know one or two myself, wonderful people who are downtrodden, bullied and hated on to the point of depression (and even multiple half-hearted suicide attempts). These things only fuel my loathing towards social conservatives and assorted bigots who make other people’s lives harder for no good goddamned reason all the more.

Good people are suffering, and innocent kids are dying, out of nothing other than pure prejudice, which is, of course, so often fueled by that bastion of True MoralityTM, religion. Dealing with this issue is never easy, but nor should it be. But it is absolutely necessary.

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