Friday, October 01, 2010

Fail Quote (Question?) of the Day: Vox Day asks about the morality of homosexuality and rape

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Theodore “Vox Day” Beale
Vox Day

In which Vox Day comes up and presents a question:

I note that despite 300+ comments still no one has yet managed to answer the perfectly straightforward question: by what recognized moral or ethic does one conclude that a) homosexual activity is moral, and b) rape is immoral?

I ask merely for informationpersonal amusement, you understand.

By the metric of how much harm is tangibly caused towards any affected individual(s). A) “Homosexual activity” is part of a consensual relationship between two (or more) people that harms no-one. B) Rape, by definition, is an act that deliberately and directly harms at least one person (the victim(s), family and friends, etc.).

I respond – even in length! – because I have an irrepressible SIWOTI syndrome and because I like to answer stupid and admittedly facetious questions with answers evident to anyone possessing a shred of morality jab sharp, pointy sticks at idiots and cretins like Vox Day. (Hey, it’s in my profile and everything.)