Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daily Blend: Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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South Korean sweatshop scene in Banksy’s ‘The Simpsons’ intro
South Korean sweatshop scene in Banksy’s ‘The Simpsons’ intro
  • Ray Comfort: Atheists spend more time and energy battling religion that surrounds and oppresses them, ergo, atheists are infatuated with God and have no other reason for existence than to fight him.

  • An unsurprisingly grim view from inside the American Family Association reveals it to be – shocker! – a hotbed of bigoted authoritarianism.

  • If you feel you should ask whether you have any lingering warrants for your arrest, you probably shouldn’t ask. Especially not a cop.
    (via The Agitator)

  • Christian-centric legal group Alliance Defense Fund: National Day of Prayer A-okay; a college showing a documentary where political and religious leaders take a pro-LGBT stance is in outrageous violation of Establishment Clause.

  • Cracked is a reliable source of common sense and brutally honest reality, but this article about different ways Westerners (read: Americans) are taken in by foreign woo and bullshit because, gosh, it just sounds so wise and spiritual and stuff, is even better than usual. Skepticism FTW.
    (via Gene Burmington)

  • Dear God, but how I hate pearl-clutchers who whine and bitch and moan until anything with a shred of originality and satirical cleverness gets yanked. [pictured]

  • Uh-oh: Porn actor tests positive for HIV, brings several studios to a screeching halt. On the other hand, this latest scare does come to show how the porn industry is remarkably safer than what most seem to believe, given the rarity of such problems and the efficient reaction incurred once they’re detected.

  • Another dead teen: 16-year-old atheist James Doyle shot dead by 14-year-old Christian Daniel Nadler over a heated argument about religion. It appears it was not accidental. I’m not sure where I stand regarding prosecution – Nadler’s just a (stupid) kid, after all, and should hardly be tried as an adult. (Also, this inspired my hate crimes post, scheduled to go up later.)

  • President Obama is more popular than Sarah Palin in Alaska.
    (via @todayspolitics)

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