Friday, September 17, 2010

Early “War on Christmas” starter: Cheesy anti-atheist movie

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‘Christmas With a Capital C’ case
Christmas With a Capital C

Looks like it’s that season again. Stores have begun stocking up on little plastic conifers, hideous and itchy woolly hats and enough multicolored lights to turn the planet into a miniature star for a few weeks. It’s also the time where militant godless heathens go out and start snarling at anyone who wishes them “Merry Christmas” and using the ACLU (Anti-Christian Liberties Union) to try and destroy everything Christians hold dear in the neverending annual struggle for happiness and freedom known as the War on Christmas.

To kick things off in style (and a tad early – wanna get ready for those rabid atheists when they come!), the good faithfully preachy have already landed their first blow: a cheesy anti-atheist Christian movie! Trailer below the fold.

Wow, Christians must be feeling quite threatened to feel the need to release something this bad. It takes work to keep track of all the distortions and absurd stereotypes present in even that (mercifully short) trailer: The mean atheist lawyer who hates religion, “ruining Christmas” by telling people to obey the law, the notion that America was founded by Christians (does anyone even read the ruddy Constitution or the US Treaty with Tripoli?), and any number of others I neglected to take note of. This could be its own Christian “War on Christmas” playbook (in movie form).

Jen at Blag Hag has already proposed a drinking game (though in moderation, please, because two wrongs – alcohol and this film – make a really wrong). Unfortunately, this is somewhat illogical; people will actually need go out and watch this stinker to take part in such an activity, thus both harming the victims audience and raising their ticket & DVD sales.

For this reason, I present a better alternative: Don’t see it. Ignore it like the boring waste of time and theater/TV screen that it is. You and your intelligence will thank me, I promise.

(via Blag Hag)