Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear Benny: A rapping letter to the Pope

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Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI
[source: Religion Compass]

First of all: So, so sorry for the lateness. I entirely forgot the fact that I had some blogging fodder saved up for today. Hope you can forgive me. I’ll give you cake! (Well, not really.)

Now, I’ve made it no secret in the past how I loathe rap (especially conservative rap, which somehow manages to take an already horrible type of “music” and turn it into pure torture), yet sometimes it’s made in a way, or is about some particular subject, that I can’t help but appreciate it. And this “open letter” to Pope Ratzi by skeptic rapper Dan Bull is one of those rare gems [video below the fold]:

It’s good to have the lyrics included; the synchronization is an additional nice touch.

Wonder what would happen if ol’ Ratzinger ever heard this one …

(via Friendly Atheist)