Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Woman dumps cat in trash bin, walks away unpunished

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I hate cruelty towards animals and the soulless ghouls who commit such acts, and I loathe it even more when they do so casually and mindlessly:

Nobody knows why this middle-aged woman dumped poor cat in a bin. Maybe she hates cats, whatever. But she was unlucky enough to be caught on camera during the process. The four-year-old cat, Lola, was found by her owner 15 hours later and the woman was also identified. She is a bank worker from Rugby, UK. Police have not arrested the woman because she has not committed a criminal offence.

Woman petting cat before dumping it in trash bin
Woman looking around before dumping cat in trash bin
Woman dumping cat in trash bin
Woman walking away after dumping cat in trash bin

How the hell is this not a criminal offense? It’s not like she accidentally forgot a pet in a carrier cage. She committed this act maliciously and without the slightest care for the cat; it’s only with sheer luck that the poor creature’s owner found her nearly 16 hours later whilst going out for supper. In any other outcome, the cat would’ve ended up dead, either from starvation or by being thrown and crushed in the garbage truck whenever it next came around. This was clear animal abuse and it’s really quite ridiculous that the horrible woman isn’t getting charged over it. I would at least hope that she had to pay one hell of a fine, at the very least.

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