Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vox Day and those horrible, evil, society-destroying feminists

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Vox Day really doesn’t like women. In response to Carrie Lukas writing at the National Review Online about “Women’s Equality Day” and the how it’s “amazing to think of all the progress women have made in our society” since the suffragettes:

It is amazing... amazingly horrific. Let's contemplate exactly what that progress has meant in material terms:

1. Millions of murdered babies, disproportionately female.
2. A significant reduction in marriage rates and a large increase in divorce rates thanks to pro-female divorce laws and the heavily female-biased family court system.
3. The doubling of the female work force suppressing wages and creating a vicious cycle where married women who don't want to work are forced to do so because their husband's real wages are lower than in 1973. To forestall the expected ignorance-based protests, I invite you to first consider what happens to the price of a commodity when the supply increases faster than the demand.
4. National insolvency.
5. A massive increase in sexually-transmitted disease.
6. A significant reduction of personal freedom for men and women alike.

Women: Home-wrecking, disease-spreading, emasculating forces of economic and baby-killing fascism!

One has to wonder how tainted was the milk Vox’s mother used to nurse him during those crucial years.

As I have stated several times before, there is no such thing as equality! It does not exist in material terms, legal terms, moral terms, scientific terms, or spiritual terms. There is no evidence for it because it simply does not exist. Women who traded societal wealth and material freedom for nonexistent "equality" have made a terrible bargain since they literally traded something for nothing. The foundation of the suffrage argument is the false assertion that voting is freedom. My counterargument rests on the verifiable assertion that voting does not equal freedom. That is the crux of the matter.

My counter-argument to Vox’s counter-argument (counter-counter-argument? Original argument?) rests on the equally verifiable assertion that Vox Day does not know what “equality” even means, at least not as it is used and promoted by actual egalitarians. The fact that he’s previously made the amusingly moronic and ignorant statement that differences between males and females disprove the notion of equality is my proof, if he fails to understand that equality is achieved and upheld despite physical and mental differences. Two differently shaped halves are not worth differently; their grooves and slots complete each other to form a perfect whole.