Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tea Party blogger’s insane screed against Muslims

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“make the stupid people shut up.”
“make the stupid people shut up.”
If only they listened
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Look, I’m no fan of Islam. I despise it even more than than I do Christianity, which at least tries – however poorly – to progress and modernize along with the rest of the world. But even anti-Islamists such as I can only read screeds like this one, from official Tea Party Patriots blogger Annie Hamilton, and both laugh and cringe at the levels of demagogic crazy found within. Here’s what she wrote in response to an idiot who claimed that Six Flags’ “Muslim Family Day” was set on September 12 of this year supposedly to “celebrate” the 9/11 attacks:

Muslim Day at Six Flags is inappropriate for a multitude of reasons and I'm saddened and shocked by the ignorance of the Corporate folks and by the action that now must be taken by the rest of us.

First, Islam is NOT a religion, it is an ideology - the religious portion only encompasses 11 % (the qur'an) the rest is the Sira and Hadith and the closest parallel to Islam is the Ku Klux Klan - if that is Six Flag's idea of 'appropriate' then by all means, hold your day on September 12th but don't plan on expanding any time soon because not only will we ensure that you don't grow, we'll make sure that your parks become a thing of the past.

Islam is dying in America because Americans are learning (finally) what Muslims are about, what their 'faith' is based upon, how they're recruited, how they prey on the weak, their idea of 'rights' how they cannot ever respect our constitution because it's in direct violation with Sharia and how they must abide by a set of laws called dualism, compelling them to lie to others.

It is becoming WELL KNOWN that ISLAM IS DYING IN AMERICA, despite what you might be hearing from CAIR and others - the more it dies, the more frantic they become and the more they put out press releases about how 'fabulous' things are, new mosques, etc...(except they are broke and hitting others up for funds)

STOP placating them - in addition, there is no such thing as a moderate muslim, regardless of what you've heard - from the mouth of the son of a well known Imam. Islam is as Islam does. And Regardless of what you might think, there is no such thing of a 'mild' muslim, even the 'quiet' ones who live on the street corner, drive the BMW and work in the dr's office...they go to mosque, satisfy the pillars, pray, etc...and the money they are giving, that is funding terror.

it is funding terror - and by your silence, YOU are funding terror. YOU are funding terror.


Annie Hamilton Los Angeles, California P.S., I'm telling EVERYONE I know -

Okay, first a little lesson in “knowing what the hell you’re talking about”: Six Flags’ “Muslim Family Day” actually started back in 2000, before the attacks, by a Muslim man who happened to be one of the victims of 9/11. So he couldn’t even launch the event after 9/11 in celebration even if he’d wanted to, what with being dead and all. Not to mention that he’d be celebrating his own murder, which is really just quite weird.

Second, “Muslim Family Day” always takes place the day after the end of Ramadan, which this year was set for September 10. The event’s organizers actually went out of their way to appease bigots like Hamilton by moving the event to the 12th in an effort not to offend folksp>

Of course, now that we’ve gotten those pesky “facts” things out of the way, the only logical thing left to do in response to this sort of a mindless, bigoted, legally illiterate and downright insane diatribe is to either point and laugh, or to shudder at being faced with such an assload of pure malt, grade-A bigotry. I’ll even put aside the incredibly easy targets that are the steadily increasing levels of whackaloonery, the blinding demagogy and absolutist, “us vs. them” mindset, and the fact that she seems overly bent out-of-shape over a perceived problem that she claims is “dying”. They are such low-hanging fruit that it feels almost intellectually lazy to hit them with a rhetorical bat.

Teabaggers: Forever showing America (and the world at large) the epitomization of hypocrisy in labeling themselves as patriots whilst trying their hardest to systematically shred the US Constitution and the rights and freedoms given to anyone they disagree with.

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