Monday, August 09, 2010

Pat Condell on the faith of idiots

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I don’t always agree with Pat Condell, but when he gets it right, it’s always quote-worthy:

Here’s my favorite bit (at the 0:19 mark):

Now, of course, not everyone who has a religious faith is a complete idiot. But, a lot of stupid people do have faith because they’re stupid, for the simple reason that believing is a hell of a lot easier than thinking. It takes time and effort to acquire knowledge, whereas any fool can acquire faith instantly and effortlessly. If it took effort, most people wouldn’t bother with it. That’s why it’s all about lazy stuff: Submission; surrender; don’t ask questions; let your moral values be handed to you on a plate (like a baby); let ignorance be your crowning virtue, so that every piece of rational truth or common sense that comes your way becomes a test for your faith, and the more you resist, the more virtuous you are. Let that faith swell up inside your mind like an airbag, pushing out everything else; and then, all your questions will be answered. Isn’t that reassuring? No wonder faith is so popular. [my emphasis]