Friday, August 20, 2010

Michael Moore sides with WikiLeaks (naturally)

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Private First Class Bradley Manning
PFC Bradley Manning
[source: MSNBC]

The continuing WikiLeaks saga is attracting lots of attention, and now Michael Moore himself has chipped in, predictably (and rightfully) siding with truth and accountability and defending the man charged with leaking much of the offending content that’s given the Pentagon a royal headache for the past months:

Moore tells The Associated Press in an interview that he considers Pfc. Bradley Manning a courageous patriot for exposing what Moore called "war crimes."

The Oscar-winning filmmaker said Thursday he will contribute to a legal defense fund for the 22-year-old former intelligence analyst, who faces up to 52 years in prison.

Am I the only one who really, really hopes for a future Moore documentary featuring WikiLeaks and the government’s anti-free speech, anti-whistleblower approach to the debacle? Say what you will about the man and his oft-misleadingly edited movies, but his heart and mind are in the right place and he does what no-one else is willing to do in getting the facts and truth out. Even if somewhat clownishly at times.

(via @wikileaks)