Sunday, August 15, 2010

I hope these PostSecret readers are just joking

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Otherwise, this is an incredibly petty thing to do (or not to do):

Image: “I could be homeless next month” | Reader emails: “I don't give homeless people money if their sign says something about God”, “I don't give money to homeless people if they have a dog. How can you have a dog if you can't even feed yourself?”, “I was homeless last month. It's strange to never feel at home.”
Sunday Secrets: Petty emails

Mind you, the second reply is hardly better or more rational. (So people who lost their homes and live out of dumpsters can’t keep their beloved pets for company?) The third one kinda feels like a fitting comeback to the previous two.

I’m glad to say there aren’t any atheists who are that ridiculous! Right?

… Right?

(via @hemantmehta)