Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glenn Beck compares himself to the Titanic’s Frederick Fleet

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In which our rodeo clown (currently clowning before a rodeo of his own, ironically enough) denies being a monger of fear:

My transcript:

But fear only wakes you up for a very short time. I know that many in this country think that I’m a fear-monger. It is not a label that I think applies. I do talk about frightening things. But I don’t think the man who saw the iceberg as the Titanic was about to hit it and said “It’s an iceberg!” was a fear-monger; he was warning the people on the ship!

Quick pedantic notes: The man (Frederick Fleet, along with his comrade, Reginald Lee) didn’t say “It’s an iceberg!”, but “Iceberg right ahead!”. And he phoned the bridge (where sixth officer James Moody answered), not the whole ship. Also, for those who may not be aware, due to lack of equipment and an unusually calm, bitterly cold and moonless night, the lookouts were rendered utterly useless. And the ship hit the iceberg anyway. And sank, taking about 1,500 souls along with it. Fleet and Lee survived the disaster; Fleet died in the early ’60s, shortly after his wife, whilst Lee died a year later of complications from pneumonia. Just so you know.

There’s something about this reprehensible assclown drawing an analogy with the story of the Titanic, an old passion of mine, that I find particularly insulting.

(via Media Matters for America)