Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fail Quote of the Day: Beck thinks you’re the one who’s crazy

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Glenn Beck wants you sane, rational people to know that it’s not him who’s wrong and deranged when you all call him Crazy McLoonybin:

My transcript:

How evil and irresponsible would I be to have the platform that I have – what kind of monster would I have to be to have the platform that I have and say these things if I didn’t believe them? How insane would I be?

There are those within – the sound of my voice that say, “Damn right, just as insane as I think you are”. There is not enough money and fame for me to live the rest of my life with people like you saying that about me, to my children! So maybe you’re the one that might be a little misguided. Because it’s those voices that have been telling you not to listen to me.

“I’m not stark raving nuts! Everyone else is!”

The thing is, no-one really cares whether Beck truly believes in his own rabid, fear-mongering bullshit. Whether he’s just a genuine clown or he genuinely puts credence in all those conspiracy theories floating around in his head, the end result is the same; the damage is the same. Whether he’s doing it deliberately or unintentionally, he really is quite mad.

But then, crazy people don’t know they’re crazy … do they, Beck?