Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daily Blend: Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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The Stupid, It Burns
The Stupid, It Burns
[source: Bad Astronomy]

Is there any other way to explain the incessant tides of sheer, dishonest, demagogic and dangerous bullshit constantly pouring in from the Right than to chalk conservatism itself up to some form of psychological, emotional or social disorder?

  • Fox News sinks ever lower in journalistic integrity in sniping at President Obama with false claims at a ceremony congratulating local Queens, NYC bus driver Jorge Muñoz for his heroic efforts in feeding the hungry every night for four years straight.

  • The Gay Liberation Network (amongst others) organized a counter-protest against Americans For Truth About Homosexuality. Who to believe: the pro-LGBT side, or AFTAH?

  • Lawsuit: High school student tells her teacher she was raped. Principal then decides to conduct a “sting operation” using the allegedly raped student as bait. Sting goes wrong, she gets raped again. Bonus: Rapist later texts her: im soo sry i didn't mean 2 make u cry. i'm cant believe i just raped u well bout time u read dis i mite b dead. Just … wow.
    (via The Agitator)

  • Vox Day [pictured] naturally believes that all that false hype surrounding the Human Genome Project that collapsed (or even backfired) following the revelation of its decidedly lackluster results translates into [s]cience gets it wrong... again. Okay: First person to explain to Vox that what the media purports will happen following the closure of a scientific research project does not, in any way, affect the actual science, itself (something that any logical person knows), gets a basket of cookies.

  • Who dat playin’ basketball with select NBA all-stars for wounded troops? President Obama, dat who.
    (via Fark)

  • Freaky weather: Sunny day at the beach turns into a massive thunderstorm in less than two minutes.
    (via Fark)

  • Boxer dogs are cute. Especially when they’re having fun on trampolines.
    (via Fark)

  • With the past a trail of ruin, and no indication that the future is being attended to, Fox News is headed into a well deserved irrelevancy.

  • Fox News cronies Glenn Beck and Pamela Geller falsely claim that the Cordoba House (“Ground Zero Mosque”) will open on September 11, 2011, when in reality it’s barely in the planning and no timeline has remotely been set.

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