Saturday, August 21, 2010

Daily Blend: Saturday, August 21, 2010

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Julian Assange
Julian Assange
[source: CBC News]

Where else can you read about racists, penile gummies, human magnets and a zombie apocalypse, in one place?

  • Media Standards: Associated Press issues guidelines instructing journalists not to call Park51 the “Ground Zero Mosque” anymore. Respect for the AP restored; what about the rest?
    (via @todayspolitics)

  • Post-Racialism: Ted Nugent at a music show in Dubuque, Iowa: There's a lot of white people in this crowd -- I like that! [Dubuque] is a white town.

  • Oh, Dear: Gummy fail.
    (via Diaphanitas)

  • Be Skeptic: Meet Brenda Allison, the human magnet. Or so the Daily Mail claims.
    (via The Daily Grail)

  • “Ground Zero Mosque”: addresses the manufactroversy surrounding the Park51 Islamic cultural center in lower Manhattan. As good as you would expect from our favorite no-punches-pulled website.
    (via Gene Burmington)

  • Z0MBIES!!!11!: 7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly). A bit too pedantic, really, considering we’re talking about walking corpses.

  • Here We Go: WikiLeaks were told to expect “cheap trips”. Claiming founder Julian Assange was arrested for rape in the Swedish tabloid Expressen is apparently the first. Gee, Pentagon, that’s just lazy.
    (via @wikileaks)

  • Update: Shockingly, the charges proved false and the arrest warrant (Assange had not been arrested – again, shocker) has been withdrawn. What’s next, Pentagon?
    (via @BreakingNews)

  • Islamic Justice: Saudi Arabian judge asks hospitals to punitively damage a convicted man’s spinal cord to punish him for paralyzing another man two years previously.
    (via @religionnews)

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