Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cop threatens civilian cameraman with being raped in jail

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When you can’t use the law to intimidate a civilian, use the threat of sexual assault behind bars. Here’s an incredible video during an NYPD bust on an apparent illegal social club where an undercover officer threatens a civilian who’s filming the scene with his cellphone with going to jail for “being disrespectful”, where he’d then be abused and raped.

How, exactly, is asking questions a sign of “disrespect”? Or are civilians just supposed to shut up and obey unquestioningly? And then, how is the non-crime of being disrespectful grave enough to merit jail time? And finally, just how stupid is that cop to actually threaten a guy with being raped in jail – ie. directly threatening him with assault – when he knows he’s right before a camera?

I don’t know which is worse about that badged thug: That he actually threatened someone with jail rape, or that he was moronic (or possibly, just plain reckless) enough to do it right on camera and show total disregard for where the footage would inevitably end up. One could also add in his disregard and apparent ignorance of the law, something so regretfully common amongst cops these days. This man is sorely unfit for duty and definitely deserves to hand his badge in, pronto. It doesn’t matter how “disrespectful”, or even downright annoying, anyone else is: If their speech and actions are legal, then there is nothing cops can do about it. Especially use threats of physical harm, for crying out loud.

(via The Agitator)