Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bryan Fischer: Gay adoption is “inhumane”, makes children “promiscuous”

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Bryan Fischer, unofficial spokesman for the anti-gay American Family Association, really, really hates the idea of gays and lesbians forming families and raising children, and he has plenty of reasons (which, in reality, are all various permutations of one sole argument) against allowing same-sex couples to adopt children:

Transcript from Right Wing Watch [slightly edited]:

Now [Judge Vaughn] Walker says elsewhere, finding of fact #49 – I don't know where he gets this opinion or this information – but he says about 18% of same-sex couples in California are raising children.

If you are adopting children into these homes, you are deliberately creating households with a missing mother or a missing father. That is a terrible, terrible, inexcusable, inhumane thing to do to children.


We know that there are long-term psychological problems with children that grow up in same-sex households; we know that they're far more inclined to be promiscuous as they emerge into adolescence; we know that they are far more inclined to experiment with same-sex behavior, which is only natural – it's a terrible, terrible, terrible thing to do to children.

That’s a lot of ignorance-fueled bigotry to pack into less than 1½ minutes. His claim is that allowing same-sex couples to adopt and rear children is virtually a crime against humanity (actually, that’s pretty much exactly what he said) because it leaves them with “long-term psychological problems”. But, what evidence does he bring up in support of his claim that these children of same-sex households are “inexcusably” and “inhumanely” damaged?

It’s that these kids are – *gasp* – more open-minded and accepting towards sexuality and those with different sexual orientations than their own. Those poor gay-parented kids, they even try to experiment with same-sex erotica to see if they like it or not! Oh, my, they’re all turning into slutty fags! Whatever shall we do?!

The fact is, there is absolutely no credible evidence in support of claims like the ones made by Fischer and assorted ignorant bigots, claims about the children of LGBT parenting being more vulnerable or more damaged in any way. In fact, I’ll go ahead and blow their minds: There’s actually plenty of research that indicates the exact opposite, that children from same-sex households are actually better-off on average (if only slightly). Rational people see this and understand it to be an effect of growing up in households that are inherently devoid of bigotry and intolerance. But not anti-gay activists, to whom a lack of resentment and revulsion towards LGBT people is indicative of “psychological problems”. But then, they really don’t need to look very far to find people with such issues – only the nearest mirror.

(via Right Wing Watch | thanks to @Naturalismus for the USC study link)