Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Why Ray Comfort doesn’t understand evolution

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“Circle of Life: Ur Doin It Rong.”
Logic, too

One of the most frustrating things when dealing Ray Comfort (not to mention other typical Creationists like him) is his apparent inability to understand even the simplest things – such as, for a totally random example, the fact that evolution has nothing to do with gravity and the weather and the origins of the Universe – no matter how often they are slowly and (very) patiently explained to him by people far more knowledgeable than he is. Is this a testament to his legendary ignorance, or his mythical stupidity (or some fantastical combination)? Apparently, neither (well, maybe) – according to him, he just refuses to understand and accept the “‘scientific’ definition” and instead chooses to understand the nature of the Theory of Evolution as it is believed and explained by the “average person on the street”. Well, that figures.

The average person on the street who believes in the theory of evolution isn't as sophisticated as the staunch believers on this blog. You have your "scientific" definition--"The gradual change and diversification of life on earth," and other people (the great majority) have theirs.

I’m interested in reaching the average person with the message of everlasting life, therefore I speak their language and address their beliefs. So the continual accusations of ignorance on my part (on this subject) are not true.

Actually, Ray, what you’ve just said once again conclusively demonstrates how, yes, you most certainly are ignorant. And also, very, very thick.

You see, Evolutionary Theory is a part of science. Ergo, it is developed and upheld by scientists. Ergo, it ought to be explained by – you guessed it! – the scientists who know a thing or two about it. Not the general undereducated hoi polloi who couldn’t tell you the difference between evolution and abiogenesis. (Har, har, sneaky joke, that.) Because, despite what Ray may believe, what the general public believes is absolutely worthless, considering the simple and indisputable fact that most people are idiots. (Or, at least, critically ignorant of the basics of science.) You cannot honestly tell me that you accept the definitions of scientific theories as given by the sort of morons you see on “Jaywalking” and come out with any shred of credibility. You just can’t. Because you’ve shown that you choose to forgo the actual explanations for what any idiot will tell you. The fact that some false concept is believed in by many idiots does not make it any less false. Or else the argumentum ad populum wouldn’t be a fallacy. And then logic as we know it would vanish. Along with the rest of this logic-based universe.