Sunday, July 04, 2010

Wherein my mind has officially been blown

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Y’know, the last I heard, the graphic repertoire of elephants (along with any other “animal painters”) was limited to splashing some paint on a canvas or creating shapeless blobs with brushes and sponges (canvases that are then somehow sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars apiece). So, you can easily imagine the face I was making as I sat through this damn-near unbelievable video. Trust me when I say it’s easy to imagine – you’ll be making it, too.

Last I heard, that’s … not supposed to be possible. And yet, I can’t detect a single instance of possible trickery – it’s the real deal.

Just another example showing how we must quickly begin showing proper deference to our animal overlords before they outperform us and, subsequently, eliminate us.

(via @ebertchicago)