Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Vaccine Song

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Back in the day, they didn’t care about their children, they just had more and more and let them die from preventable diseases for the heck of it. … Oh, wait, they did care about their kids, every bit as much as parents do today, and their kids were only dying from preventable diseases because, well, a lack of advanced medicine hadn’t made them preventable yet.

And yet, we now have vaccines that allow us to shield our beloved offspring from potentially deadly illnesses and save countless lives … so why are there still some groups peddling false claims and misinformation against life-saving medicine? Such a question is explored in this brilliant little song.

It’s really quite clever and effective to compare the pain of families past as they dealt with diseases that are now entirely and easily preventable, and to wonder how they would react if they knew that we now had the ability to eradicate such illnesses – but that some groups strove to keep real medicine away from the children who desperately need it.

Maybe champions of the antivax movement just don’t have enough of their beloved children dying from vaccine-preventable diseases to see how much damage they’re causing.

(via Respectful Insolence)