Friday, July 23, 2010

Quote of the Day: Rebecca Watson on atheism, happiness and truth

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Skepchick Rebecca Watson has a new video up where she takes on that old challenge-cloaked-as-a-question by theists: “What does atheism have to offer?” It’s not about whether godlessness makes you happier or not; believe in whatever you want if it’s just to get your spirits up, regardless how wrong or utterly delusional it may be. But if you just want the truth – or, should I specify, whatever we humans can determine that is the closest to the truth based on reason and evidence – then atheism is the ticket.

Here’s the short but relevant excerpt:

Let’s drop the whole “atheist evangelism” thing and call out bullshit questions like “what does atheism have to offer?” for just what they are: bullshit. I mean, what does knowing that the Earth goes around the Sun have to offer? Who cares? It just is.

And that’s a new Memorable Quote added to my collection.

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