Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Q&A with Godless Blogger, bringer of the proposed Atlanta Atheist Billboard

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Atheist billboard: “Millions are good without God.”
Atheist billboard: “Millions are good without God.”

The upswing in the amount of atheist advertising going around the world (especially North America and Europe) as been simply phenomenal these past couple of years, with a multitude of godless billboard and bus ad campaigns popping up all over the place. This is understandably a highly important movement as far too many atheists feel isolated in their nonbelief, especially in certain highly religious areas, in addition to all those religious folks who seem to believe that atheists are out to destroy their religion in between eating babies and stomping on kittens. And now, interestingly (and amusingly) enough, I find myself in a position where I may be able to help! (A tiny little bit!)

I was recently contacted by Jake Collyer, aka Godless Blogger, who has launched a campaign to set up an atheist billboard in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt. He has requested that I “interview” him, so to speak, to help spread the word for this important undertaking of his. The exchange, below:

What is your project about?
I'm trying to bring a billboard that carries a positive message for atheism to Atlanta, Georgia.

Why are you undertaking such a project?
I was really inspired by the bus ads over in Europe and other places. I initially wanted to replicate that, but due to restrictions I am unable to do bus ads. Instead I opted for a billboard.

How do you plan to proceed and what steps have you already taken?
Well I've already talked to the advertisers and come up with an estimate, $4000. Currently I am trying to raise that money still via our Facebook page and http://AtlantaAtheistAd.com. The balance was around $1000 when I last checked so there is still a ways to go.

Who are you trying to reach and influence with this project?
I want fellow atheists in the Bible Belt to realize they are not alone and there are others out there. My other hope is that a positive message and the simple fact of it being there will influence some believers' minds. Perhaps it will promote greater discussion among the community and hopefully a greater acceptance for atheists. It's going to take more than just this billboard, but everything has to have a starting point.

How can people support you and your project/cause?
I need both funds and awareness. If you can donate, please do! All donations are run through the American Humanist Association and are tax-deductible. Alternatively, you can help by simply spreading the word around. If you use StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. post links to the site and tell your friends about this campaign. More people will speed up the process.

Be sure to help support Godless Blogger’s cause any way you can. Start by donating, here, and check out the campaign’s website and Facebook page. (Yes, I’m mentioning them again, just in case you forgot to click the first time.) Regarding the man behind the project, you can find Godless Blogger’s blog, here, and his Twitter account, here. You can also drop him a supportive line, here.