Saturday, July 24, 2010

Maddow on the Obama Paradox

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Here’s another bit of Rachel Maddow being her usual in-depth and savvy self as she examines the political climate, staged by the Right and spinelessly enabled by the Left, that makes it so that no matter how much legislative progress President Obama actually makes, few will ever hear or know about it.

It’s all just a game. The Republicans know it, the Democrats know it; everyone with half a brain and an ounce of political insight knows it. It’s no more than a political game, meticulously orchestrated by the right-wing political class and its cheerleaders (notably Fox “News”) to undermine Obama and his administration at every single turn, no matter what he does or how far out of his way he goes to try and appease both sides at once like the hopelessly bipartisan centrist he is. The day that the Democrats finally get a stick rammed up their rears to act as a substitute spine and that they finally rally up and hammer the demagogues on the Right into their rightful places is the day that peace, balance and efficiency will have returned to US politics, and not a second before.

(via Political Irony)