Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fail Quote of the Day: Vox Day’s scientific cluelessness

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DOUBLE FACEPALM: When the Fail is so strong, one Facepalm isn’t enough
“When the Fail is so strong, one Facepalm isn’t enough”

Vox keeps claiming that he knows about science and how it works and so on, yet so very often he just comes out and says something of a magnitude of stupidity and ignorance that shows just why he’s no more than a perpetual laughingstock for just about every scientist alive (or who, at least, is aware of him):

PTQ claimed that science has a vast track record of correct predictions while religion has none. "Science has produced zillions of correct predictions. Religion has produced none. A bigger winner-loser gulf does not exist." Very well, then let's place a bet on the matter:

Religion: The poor will be with you always.
Science: Global poverty will be ended by 2025.

From The End of Poverty by economist Jeffrey Sachs: "This book declares, at the core, that steadfast, science-based approaches can end extreme poverty on the planet. The benefits of modern science and technology which have reached Bulgaria and most of the rest of the world can work for the poorest of the poor as well.... the great challenge and possibility of our time: to end extreme poverty on the planet by the year 2025."

And there you have it. I’m not gonna quote any further from Vox’s post; I simply don’t need to. There is nothing he can say afterwards, short of “ha, just kidding!”, that could possibly make up for saying something so completely and utterly ignorant and downright moronic. If Vox truly believes that using one random claim by one random individual – an economist, to boot (because economics is renown as a hard scientific discipline, isn’t it?) – constitutes any sort of a credible argument to make when trying to show how science is untrustworthy, especially compared to religion and its history of claims based on little more than superstitious bullshit … then I don’t think anything more needs to be said. He has just shown himself to be utterly scientifically illiterate for the thousandth time and an idiot to the 34th degree. QED.