Friday, July 30, 2010

Fail Quote of the Day: Tony Hayward is sorry he “became a villain for doing the right thing”

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BP CEO Tony Hayward
BP CEO Tony Hayward
[source: The Wall Street Journal]

Here’s yet more reason to believe that sleazeballs really are generally quite blind to the animosity they attract, and especially, why they deserve it so. From BP soon-to-be-ex-CEO Tony Hayward, talking about his oil company’s response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico:

"I became a villain for doing the right thing," Mr. Hayward said in the interview. "But I understand that people find it easier to vilify an individual more than a company."

Here’s a clue, Tony. If people feel animosity towards you, it’s not because they’re diverting their rightful anger at the general incompetence and insouciance present in the company at large onto an easier target. It’s because with your complete disregard for the tremendous fuck-up your company steamrollered right into under your command, your and your company’s records of criminal neglect for safety procedures and following regulations, and especially, with your revolting self-centeredness that’s evident through your crocodile tearing about how you’re also a victim in all this when you are the one responsible for all the human, animal and ecological suffering in the Gulf, you have made yourself into a first-rate symbol for pretty much all that’s wrong with corporations these days: Greed, selfishness, a complete disregard for the rules and a stunning lack of heart.

With all due respect, you may take your sanctimony and false humility, shove them where you know so many of your company’s victims are thinking of, and crawl away into the ignominy from whence you come and remain there forever.

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