Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fail Quote of the Day: I’ll bet Vox lets Blacks use his toilet, too

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“Stay classy”
You know what he’s thinking
[source: Infinite Monkeys]

From our good pal Vox Day, reacting in his characteristic manner to archived quotes of members of JournoList, a discussion group for liberal journalists, expressing their joy at President Obama’s election back in 2008 [my emphasis]:

The JournoLister reaction to Obama's election. It's an amusing exercise in competitive moral posturing between white progressives... it would appear black rule is the goal towards which they wish to progress because it's worked so well everywhere from Atlanta to Zimbabwe.


All this for an incompetent and probably ineligible half-negro who is doing his clueless best to turn America into a bankrupt Detroit. No wonder they're so bitter about his rapid political implosion. As I see it, the only fitting end for them would be to have their hearts torn out at sunrise and offered to Quetzalcoatl by Aztlan separatists on the UCLA campus as part of the celebrations accompanying the first Rodriguez inauguration in 2020.

I hope you aren’t expecting a detailed excoriation of this sort of silly crap? Nothing more than derisive smirking is appropriate.

At any rate: Stay classy, Vox.

(Note: Post title is in reference to this little incident where ex-Louisiana Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell refused to marry an interracial couple, yet then claimed he wasn’t a racist because he … well, you know.)