Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fail Quote of the Day: Fox News analyst wants to execute leakers

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Lt-Col. Ralph Peters
Lt-Col. Ralph Peters
[source: Transnational Middle-East Observer]

From Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, a Fox “News” “strategic analyst”, talking about the damages caused to the US Military by WikiLeaks’s release of tens of thousands of top secret cables revealing countless cases of abuse and lawbreaking:

LT.-COL. PETERS: “Now Laura [Ingraham], you can tell I’m a little hot about this. I do not believe in leaks. I would execute leakers. They’re betraying our country.”

Well, now we know where truth and accountability rank relative to covering up illegal activities and murders in his system of values. I suppose we ought to be thankful that amoral militarists like him don’t have more power over the true heroes that are whistleblowers and their invaluable power for exposing the lies of actual traitors such as him who would gladly kill innocents in the name of preserving the rosy image of an institution that has turned into little more than a machine of bloody war rather than one of defense.

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