Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fail Quote of the Day: Comfort denies that Christianity is based on fear

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“The gates of Hell”
“The gates of Hell”
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Ray Comfort seems to get the foundations behind Christianity and atheism mixed up in his latest post:

There is no fear of punishment for the Christian. Rather, that’s what the atheist has to deal with. He is 99% percent sure that there is no God and that Hell doesn't exist. It's the 1% that causes the fear. It's the little hole in his parachute. That fear may be a molehill today, but it will become a mountain just before death. The atheist is indeed, in a "poor way."

But for the Christian, there is no fear at all. Our punishment fell on the Savior, so we are free from the terrors of eternal justice. We are told in Scripture that we can even have "boldness" on the day of Judgment (1 John 4:17).

Says the man whose entire religion is based on the idea that failure to comply with its doctrines and deity’s will lead to eternal suffering in a fiery underworld. Yes, Christians are driven by fear – their entire faith is. Fear that stepping out of line or not being pious enough will see them cast away to Hell forever and ever with no chance at forgiveness following the inevitable moment where all their sins will be bared for the ultimate Judgment.

Whereas, the greatest thing that atheists fear is, well, getting shot or blown up by rabid religionists, really. Other than the rest of the fears that come with life. Comfort is wrong (shocker) when he says that atheists are 99% certain of God’s inexistence and that the remaining 1% of doubt is what strikes fear into our hearts, or whatever. We say we are 99(.999)% certain that God and other deities don’t exist simply to avoid saying that we are 100% certain, which would then imply that we know they don’t exist, which is simply not true. We do not possess knowledge of a lack of being of supernatural entities in the sky; merely a strong certainty. And, as far as I know, being quite certain that Hell doesn’t exist seems to make it preposterous to announce that, therefore, we fear it. You know, seeing as we don’t believe in it. Much in the same manner that I don’t fear being attacked by werewolves just because we can’t prove they don’t exist (“proving a negative” and all that).