Friday, June 18, 2010

Coining a new (preexisting Spanish) term for flip-flopping politicians

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And so can you!

I had to marvel when I came across this great comment by qetzal at a Dispatches From the Culture Wars thread about yet more GOP stupidity:

I love the sound of "hipocresia." It's like a combination of hypocracy and amnesia. Maybe we could adopt it into English:

Hipocresia. noun The self-serving ability to forget taking a previous position that was diametrically opposed to one's current position on a given issue.

In fact, “hypocresía” is Spanish for “hypocrisy”, so it’s not as though it were an entirely new word per se. But given the circumstances – namely, that it doesn’t exist in English – I, for one, am more than happy to try and adopt it into my common vernacular. It’s just perfect, and more than merits qetzal his own Internet.

I should ask a certain etymologically-learned friend of mine: what would the qualitative form of hypocresía be? “John McCain is a stellar example of someone afflicted with hypocresía, which therefore makes him a [?].”