Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A simple question with an obvious answer

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Cartoon: “Actually, I don’t believe in sex after marriage either”
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There’s a guest post up at Friendly Atheist where JulietEcho, who has previously written excellent articles about the harmlessness, if not even potentially beneficial nature, of polyamory and polygamy (ie. having more than one partner in a relationship or marriage), now takes on the traditional Christian standpoint that any and all premarital sex is wrong, even though there’s absolutely no logical reason for such a belief. (But then, there isn’t much logic in any other religious beliefs, either, so that isn’t necessarily saying much.) She ends her write-up with this question:

The religious belief that all sex outside a straight marriage is sinful seems to be contributing to a world with less sexual protection, more abortions, and more teen pregnancies. All the evidence points towards sex-positivity as a more healthy, beneficial attitude, so why do so many churches and denominations still condemn sex outside marriage?

Because A) traditionalist Christians (those who stick to basic Christian principles regardless of their obsolescence) regard changing their beliefs and their ways in much the same way they regard premarital sex itself (ie. over their dead bodies) due to Church influence and peer pressure, and especially, B) expecting such Christians to change their habits thanks to exposure to that wishy-washy “facts” and “evidence” stuff is as irrational and unrealistic as traditionalist Christianity itself.

These are the people who espouse abstinence and refuse contraception even though it’s been proven to be effective up to 99.9% of the time, who refuse to distribute condoms in Africa even though they have been shown to vastly cut the levels of STDs such as HIV/AIDS, who believe (and fight to believe) that homosexuality is an optional sin despite all reason pointing to it being a harmless and intrinsic sexual orientation, that gays will pervade their homosexuality unto others when such is completely impossible (and fucking stupid), who argue that women are raped because they wear immodest clothing when all the evidence (including testimonials from rapists themselves) clearly indicate otherwise – and that’s just some of their more commonly known weird beliefs regarding sexuality. I could go on endlessly about the rest of their absurd dogmatic beliefs – transubstantiation, prayer, Heaven and Hell, faith healing, resurrection, and so on (not to mention an intangible yet all-powerful superentity in the sky) – but I feel the point has been made.

The conclusion to all this is readily evident: traditionalist Christians who believe in this sort of retarded crap simply don’t care for the facts and the scientific evidence proving them wrong. They have God and the Bible on their side, along with blind faith. What do they care? What else do they need? They aren’t going to be convinced by showing them how and why they’re demonstrably wrong, or else no-one would believe in such nonsense anymore.