Thursday, May 06, 2010

FAIL Quote of the Day: Blackwater founder evades responsibility once more

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Blackwater founder Erik Prince
Blackwater founder Erik Prince, sleazeball
[source: MPACUK]

From Erik Prince, founder of private defense contractor Blackwater, speaking at the Tulip Time Festival in his hometown of Holland, Michigan:

Blackwater Worldwide founder Erik Prince said Wednesday his values of hard work and personal responsibility "have gotten me a few detractors along the way, and I'm OK with that."

Attacked because of his “values of hard work and personal responsibility”? Do those values include slaughtering innocent civilians? Does that hard work include bribing officials to cover up Blackwater’s slaughtering of innocent civilians? Does him taking responsibility mean doing all he could to try and evade blame for his company’s absolutely deplorable actions and subsequent immoral manner in trying to destroy evidence of their mess afterwards?

Erik Prince isn’t under fire for working oh so very hard. He’s taking flak for being at the head of a company that committed evil deeds and did their damnedest to make sure no-one would ever find out about it – except that, they did. He then even went so far as to blame government spending for all the problems that ail the US when government spending is what his company lived from.

What an unscrupulous piece of shit.

(via Dispatches From the Culture Wars)