Monday, May 17, 2010

Badass Quote of the Day: Homeopathy is “witchcraft”

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Homeopathy cartoon
Homeopathy (cartoon)
Hey, finally a liquor I could appreciate
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Though the British National Health Service may unfortunately support the distribution of homeopathic magic water, many doctors aren’t quite so complacent:

Dr Tom Dolphin, deputy chairman of the BMA's [British Medical Association] junior doctors committee in England told the conference: "Homeopathy is witchcraft. It is a disgrace that nestling between the National Hospital for Neurology and Great Ormond Street [in London] there is a National Hospital for Homeopathy which is paid for by the NHS".

I’m not usually one for equating two different types of woo-woo – homeopathy doesn’t require the use of wands or warty toads, after all (har, har) – but in this context, it’s perfect. And badass. If only the NHS was directed by actual doctors like these folks.

(via Bad Astronomy)