Monday, April 26, 2010

FAIL Quote of the Day: Another example why I hate teabaggers

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Sue Bican at a Mille Lacs “Tea Party Patriots” rally in Milaca, Minnesota
Bigoted asshole Sue Bican at a party of likewise bigoted assholes
[source: Mille Lacs County Times]

I’m scrambling to get ready to watch back-to-back House and 24, so here’s a quickie piece of odiousness from a teabagger rally in Minnesota, making an oft-heard yet not-oft-enough decried comparison:

Members of the Mille Lacs Tea Party Patriots held the second annual Tea Party rally on Thursday, April 15 in Milaca. Roughly 60 people turned out for the event in which Sue Bican told attendees they must resolve to become active, to do something. "If we do nothing, we are no better than the Jews who stood in line for the gas chambers, Bican said.

Yes. Because being white Republican teabaggers in America is just the same as Jews being kidnapped and hauled off to extermination during the Holocaust.

You know, I bet Minnesota is actually a nice place. Too bad you wouldn’t know it from bigoted assholes like these.

(via Pharyngula)