Friday, April 30, 2010

Daily Blend: Friday, April 30, 2010

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Just had a lengthy discussion with my mother about our beliefs. It went better than I had expected; turns out she’s pro-choice when it comes to abortion and doesn’t subscribe to antivax, vaccines-cause-Autism or other forms of pseudoscientific bullshit. (Whereas Dad does, sadly enough.) But then, she does believe in The Secret, along with telekinesis and so on … *le sigh*

  • You thought what the Itawamba school board did to Constance McMillen was pathetic and bigoted enough? At least they didn’t just erase her from existence in the school’s yearbook solely for being a lesbian. Ed Brayton has the absurd details. Stories like this is what you get in combining bigotry, mulishness, ignorance and dumbassery. A perfect combination.

  • WTF, CNN? American media at it best.
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  • Pretty awesome: the city of New Orleans is declaring next Thursday, May 06 – ie. the (supposedly struck-down) National Day of Prayer – to be a “citywide Day of Reason”, filled with good food, games and plenty of secular fun.

  • Disclaimer: I’m not cheering the fact that he fell gravely ill or that he (reportedly) nearly died. Still, though, the fact that notorious quack and bullshit-peddler Gary Null got hoist with his own petard is just ironic beyond words.
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  • [NSFW] Okay, this is horribly catchy. (Motherfucker.)
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  • Greta Christina defends Boobquake from attacks by other feminists. It’s plainly apparent how most of these “dissenters” (you figure out who) are either A) disappointingly humorless or, for some, B) using their feminism as a cover for their thinly-veiled misandrogynistic leanings. When it comes to the point where even such transparently facetious and light-hearted retorts such as Boobquake are construed to be sexualized, anti-feminist and patriarchy-dominated events, there’s a serious problem with someone’s grip on reason. Same as having a uterus does not make one submissive, having a dick does not make one part of the problem.
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  • Hawaii House of Representatives passes civil unions bill, sending it to Republican Gov. Linda Lingle. I can’t find any info on Gov. Lingle’s stance or record on the issue, so let’s keep our fingers crossed this half-assed half-measure will go through, maybe opening the door for some real equality legislation some future day. Like gay marriage.
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