Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bill Maher on cutting down the deficit

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And he’s got a damn good point: that $12.8 trillion national debt that America is stuck with won’t get any better if we continue spending, even on services we’ve come to love and (think we) need. Lots of compromises have to be made, none of which are pleasant and all of which are necessary. Or will be soon.

Here’s a representative excerpt, from The Huffington Post:

Everything that goes into defense costs us about a trillion dollars a year, most of which goes into fighting the Russians in 1978. Fighter planes for all those dog fights we get into with the Taliban, submarines to foil their evil plot to blow up our ships with car bombs, and space lasers to shoot down their exploding underpants...scream about handouts, this is what they should be protesting.

Damn straight.

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