Sunday, March 28, 2010

A telling poll about a whiner mentality

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Christian Persecution Complex
Christian Persecution Complex

Always on the prowl for polls to crash, PZ has come across one that even I, being generally against such a practice that I consider to be rather petty and juvenile, wouldn’t mind seeing go haywire. From the aptly named, a website chronicling the supposed persecution of those poor wittle Christians:

Do you think persecution of Christians will come to America?

  • No, I don't believe it's an issue – 5.76%
  • I don't know – 3.84%
  • Yes, but in the future – 13.06%
  • Yes, and soon – 34.57%
  • It is already here – 42.76%

Note that these results were taken from PZ as he found the poll, pre-Pharyngulation. What a bunch of pitiful little babies. They comprise nearly 80% of the US population, they’ve got the government and other organizations catering to their every irrational whim, they’re absolutely everywhere from at the top of the government to the house next door, they can pray all they want – but dare to tell them that they can’t impose their mind-rot on others, and OMYGOD, they’re being persecuted! Why are we so mean?

Not that we are mean or unjust in any way, but if we were, it would certainly be understandable, given this sort of crybaby mentality.

(via Pharyngula)