Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Finally, a reason to congratulate Bill O’Reilly

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Bill O’Reilly

No, no snark; I’m as surprised as anyone to be agreeing with Bill-O, but for once, he’s stepped up and done something that, in my honest opinion, merits nothing but approval:

Newsmax reports FNC's Bill O'Reilly will pay the legal fees for the father of a fallen U.S. Marine who sued members of the Westboro Baptist Church who picketed his son's funeral.

The church garners attention for its views by protesting high-profile funerals. On March 3, 2006, Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew A. Snyder died in a non-combat related vehicle accident in Al Anbar province in Iraq.

During the wake that was held after his son's funeral, family members turned on the television to view coverage of the massive procession involving over 1,500 persons. They saw the church members waving signs and protesting the funeral.

Last night on his show, O'Reilly said the mounting legal fees, are "an outrage."

"I will pay Mr. Snyder's obligation," said O'Reilly. "I am not going to let this injustice stand."

My view on this case is a bit nebulous. While I don’t agree that the father should have tried to sue the WBC for picketing his son’s funeral – an act that, despite being completely disgusting, nonetheless remains perfectly legal – it’s especially more revolting that the mourning man got saddled with the legal expenses. In my opinion, he should’ve been told off and that’s about it. To fine him – especially with such ridiculous legal fees, especially in the wake of his son’s death – is complete overkill.

So, for once, I can honestly say: good job, Bill. Good move.

Now, please, just refrain from saying something stupid and untrue for a while, and you may even become somewhat respectable.

(via @todayspolitics)