Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The coolest cityscape time-lapse video you ever did see

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… will have been this one of Vancouver, BC, itself renown for being a particularly beautiful city. I’ve only been able to watch the first minute or so thanks to my extraordinarily pissy connection (gotta love those), but from what I’ve seen so far, only one word fits: transcendent

From the YouTube page:

"Vancouver City" video is collaboration between Innerlife Project and TimeLapseHd. Linda Ganzini's beautiful and haunting vocals blend with the unique musical style of Serge Chubinski-Orlov who produced and wrote Vancouver City. For more information and music downloads go to These time lapses are shot with a 12 mega pixel digital single lens reflex cameras. Original resolution is 6 times better then HD (high definition). The images have been resized for HD and are much better quality then shown here on YouTube. Video clips are for sale. For more information contact us at Thanks and enjoy!

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