Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It’s that time of the year again …

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The day when the Earth celebrates having completed yet another orbital trek around that big flaming gas-ball in space since my forced ejection from that warm, dark, cozy place I called home for 9 months. (I could swear I tried to crawl back in.) I guess I’ve grown a few more inches, lost a few pounds, and gained plenty of sardonicism.

(Well, technically, my time of birth is supposedly at 9 AM sharp, but I’ll still be sleeping then, so I’m posting this now. =P)

Birthday lolcat

Still trying not to get my hopes up that my mother may have gotten my U2 concert tickets for her “super special present that I’ll never guess, and that is neither computer-related, a new electric guitar, nor clothes, and that she’s had for a little while” …

Now, remember that I want lots of cake. In the form of comments. It makes my existence feel validated. =P

(Holy hell, forgot to mention: I’M 18!!!!!)

(… so in the U.S., I still can’t drink booze! Ha, sucks to be you, unidentified 18-year-old American reader. =P)

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